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Born in Canada and raised in California, Shelix is a culmination of all things glamour, warmth, levity and celebration. A self proclaimed 'Bearded lady for a better tomorrow" she is committed to uplifting her fans and community alike in all events she produces and takes part in. Shelix has a passion for connecting people through food, wine, gameplay and education.


Shelixs' international brand of drag has received praise and recognition from press and fortune 500 companies over the world. (Easier now as we are all just time zones and Zoom links away).


Shelix really adds something unique to private events, weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs and corporate events. 


We invited Shelix to host at Twitter HQ as part of our Pride month festivities; she was engaging, hilarious and a fantastic hostess. 

Blair Hunter, Twitter

San Francisco, California

She regaled us with her Bingo prowess. Shelix's inimitable style and affability created a magnificent feeling of community; everyone felt safe, welcome and had a great time!

Michael Franzia, Rosenblum Cellars

Oakland, California

"The post-event feedback from our employees who attended Shelix's Drag Bingo event was so strong that we signed up for an additional Make-up Tutorial class. Shelix was lively and entertaining, and was a highlight for our global Pride Month calendar. 10/10!"


Flip Clark, Dropbox HQ

San Francisco, California

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A collection of looks Shelix created with passion



Bring Shelix and Hey Girl! Bingo! to your virtual or private event and have your friends talking for weeks! 




Can't get enough of Shelix's glamour and wit? Shelix does appearances, funerals, and weddings as well.




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