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Shelix is a culmination of all things beauty, comedy and celebration. A self proclaimed "bearded lady for a better tomorrow", Shelix is committed to uplifting her fans and community alike in all events she produces and takes part in.


Shelix has a passion for connecting people through food, education and gameplay! Whether it’s Hey Girl! Bingo, one of her Drag Transformation Makeup classes, or simply wanting to spice up your vow renewals (yes, she’s ordained!)... Shelix is here to bring the glamour.


Looking to take your employee engagement event to the next level? Bring Shelix and the Internationally acclaimed Hey Girl! Bingo! to your company and have your team engaged, uplifted and laughing for weeks.




Shelix's international brand of drag has received praise and recognition from press and fortune 500 companies

over the world.

“Part of the joy of seeing a drag performer is feeding off of the positive energy they offer to their audience. Even from the confines of their apartment, Shelix can add a jolt of life and a bounty of good vibes to a Zoom chat.”

Michael Kasian (Ask Media Group)

“Thank you so, so, so much for setting up Bingo! I literally don't think I've had that much fun since March. It was such a good group and Shelix is amazing. I would honestly pay to do that every week. Could we have this instead of the Thursday happy hours?"

Vince Gonski (GS&P)

"We invited Shelix to host at Twitter HQ as part of our Pride month festivities; she was engaging, hilarious and a fantastic hostess."

Blair Hunter (Twitter)

"She regaled us with her Bingo prowess. Shelix's inimitable style and affability created a magnificent feeling of community; everyone felt safe, welcome and had a great time!"

Michael Franzia (Rosenblum Cellars)

“My coworkers and I had the best time playing Hey Girl Bingo! Shelix is fabulously witty and a true artist. It was so refreshing to come together, have fun, and laugh after a very hectic year. We can’t wait to play again!”

Juliana Roberts (Ask Media Group)


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