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This Queen means business! Felix, has extensive artistic and professional experience, transforming ideas of stunning beauty into a lived experience. With a unique eye for visual impact and thorough finishing techniques, Felix creates a believed sense of beauty with their clients. It’s easy to make someone look beautiful, but to make someone feel beautiful is a talent!


Felix is a great teacher! Patient, fun and great for different skills levels. Felix has diverse skills from film/TV, drag, bridal and more and it really shows in the creative and fun approach he brings. I learned so much and have a much better understanding of the basics and a bunch of great tips!


Imagine my surprise when this queen showed up on time! I am just not used to this. Felix not only did a great job with my face, which needed to last 12h, but he was so much fun to work with and was very professional. All my loved ones told me how Amazing I looked…even after 12h have passed. Thanks, Felix


Felix gave me such a top shelf experience. From the moment I sat in his chair to leaving he made me feel like a star! On top of amazing customer experience the end result was spectacular! Highly recommend his services!!


Shelix created a warm and inviting environment the moment I stepped through the door. I knew instantly she was going to take care of me. She didn’t just paint my face, she gave me a whole experience! Shelix is an amazingly talented and loving makeup artist who I would recommend to anyone!


Felix is patient and detail oriented, equipping me with the knowledge I needed to completely transform myself into my new drag persona. I learned so much through Felix and had an enormous amount of fun in the process!


Felix is an incredible make-up teacher and artist. I’ve done drag before, but never the full face glam part until working with Felix. He took me through all the steps so clearly and patiently with grace, fun, and some sass. I learned so many make-up insider tips and tricks. I could not believe the transformation that happened to my face. I felt more energized and empowered being in drag with a full face on. Make-up with Felix has added a whole new dimension to drag for me.


I was fortunate to spend an entire weekend in the talented hands of Felix learning to transform into a drag diva. He made a very involved process approachable, understandable and a ton of fun. I would (and will) work with Felix again. The talent and wicked sense of humor was icing on the cake! 10s across the board!


Best make-up class in the bay! I’ve learned so much from taking make-up classes with Felix. Not only is it a make-up class but a confidence course!


Felix is a thorough, thoughtful and entertaining teacher, and their class isn't just a class, it's an experience! i cannot recommend a class with Felix enough!!

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