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Hey Girl! Bingo! is a high energy, interactive, inclusive virtual (or in person) team building extravaganza! Are you looking for a creative and memorable experience to celebrate and engage your employees? Find out why top companies keep coming back for more...


“Shelix’s inimitable style and affability created a magnificent feeling of community; everyone felt safe, welcome and had a great time.”  -- Michael Franzia

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Satisfied Customers

More Testimonials!

Hey Girl! Bingo! Was the MOST fun activity I have ever done, and I had the best time doing this with my mom and the other Yelpers. I thought it was a welcoming environment, thanks to Shelix. Oftentimes, I find Zoom events to be slightly awkward because no one knows each other and it’s virtual. However, I had none of that and laughed a lot and enjoyed seeing everyone (and their pets!) I think this would be so great with more people, especially as a way to raise money for Shelix’s favourite nonprofits and organizations as well!


“Flawless” and “On Fleek”, Shelix is ALWAYS both!
Well spoken, engaging, approachable, and just enough sass to keep the party going. One of our mantras at Madison Reed is “Confident is the new beautiful”, Shelix is all that and then some. “Cheers Girl”, we’d love to have you come back for another round!!


Shelix is a genius and so much fun! She set the absolutely fabulous tone with a great sense of humour and lots of reminders to have a sip of the beverage of your choice. Drag Bingo is fantastic and she’s a mistress of the art. She’s a born entertainer. Spending time with Shelix is the perfect way to quell quarantine anxiety and isolation.

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